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Building your brand

Your business is unique and deserves to stand out from the competition. The most effective way to stand out is to create an outstanding ambiance and a unique experience for your visitors. Brand image is a crucial aspect of any business, as it is what initially grasps a potential client’s attention. Once in the store, comfort, atmosphere and traffic flow are key factors which influence a customer’s tendencies.

We specialize in immersive environment design in order to help you enhance your brand image and improve your visitors’ shopping experience. With our expertise, we are able to work with any budget to create a showroom that stands out, leaving customers inspired and wanting more. Regardless of your budget, we are able to work with you to optimize your showroom space and build your brand equity.

All of our personalized solutions are turnkey, and we can design not only the inside of your business, but the outside as well. Personalized displays, furniture, large format murals and counters are only a small sample of what can be designed for you.

Beyond aesthetics

When designing your showroom, it goes far beyond simple aesthetics. Our experts produce floorplans and 3D renderings in order to create an efficient selling space and create a smooth traffic flow. Customers will be guided through an optimal path that will encourage purchases and provide them with a unique and enjoyable shopping experience. Every inch of your showroom, no matter how big or small, will be analyzed and utilized to help maximize your space.

Graphics to compliment your showroom

Our Alto (digital powder coating) and Folia (custom high pressure laminates) product lines are made using ground-breaking methods that will allow you to show your colors on highly resistant personalized elements. Virtually any logo or original digital design can be integrated to your immersive environment. All materials used in the making of all components are sturdy, easy to maintain and are resistant to ultraviolet rays, corrosion, humidity and graffiti.

Our areas of expertise

We have developed an unparalleled expertise in the automotive and kitchen & bath industries, with unique displays and merchandising solutions for both environments.

Although we specialize in these two specific areas, our custom immersive environments are suitable for all kinds of businesses, including sports retailers, museums, tourist facilities, and more.

Versatility and unlimited possibilities

All the modular components of your personalized space are interchangeable and will allow you to change the looks of your showroom along with the seasons and new product lines. Nothing is permanent, so you will be able to make changes to your showroom as you please.

Your immersive environment may be interactive or not, and you can include your brand image in almost everything – large format murals, custom flooring, wall mounts, etc. Let our experts design everything for you and create a practical and appealing commercial space for your budget.

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