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Washrooms are too often overlooked when developing a business’ indoor environment. This space has great potential for personalisation from which you can benefit, creating a truly immersive environment.

In fact, you can make your washrooms a lot more appealing than they already are. Your visitor’ overall experience will be improved by making the space more pleasing to the eye.

Customized Environment

SH can help you create the personalised environment you have always been striving for. Toilet partitions are a great opportunity to display your colors and liven up your environment, all while improving your visitors’ and clients’ experience. Our unique processes and experience will help you provide your space with new life and raise your creative profile.

Personalised Digital High Pressure Laminates

Our toilet partitions are available in Folia (personalised digital high pressure laminates) and are manufactured according to your specifications. They can replace existing sections without changing the existing hardware, which constitutes a simple and cost effective way to show your colors and improve the looks of your washrooms.

Our laminate panels can be cut in different shapes and can incorporate any digital images or patterns

SH Toilet Partitions – A Sure Value

SH Toilet Partitions are made up of robust materials and are very easy to maintain. They are resistant to graffiti, scratches and fire, and come with a 10-year limited warranty.

SH Toilet Partitions are not only a colourful way to improve the look of your washrooms with your image, but it is also a great means to enhance your decor while using premium quality products.

Do not hesitate to contact us about customizable design solutions, or to ask for a quote.

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