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Express your community’s culture

Public art has the ability to create an attachment to one’s community. Even though many feel culture may be taking a back seat in the current world, public art continues to bring both visual and real world value to a community.

Public art can help drive economic revitalization in urban areas, and an increasing number of towns and council are installing public art because they recognize the value it brings to their communities. Not only is it free and open to anyone, but your pride, tradition, history, culture and values can be expressed through public art. In recent studies, the aesthetics of a space ranks just as important for potential residents or visitors as schooling and safety.

With our unique Folia and Alto processes, we are able to fabricate public art which captures the essence of your community. Whether it is a simple Alto panel with a scenic picture or a Folia sign in remembrance of fallen heroes from your town, we are able to design and build projects which will tell people who you are and what you stand for. We can also build custom architectural elements to create a truly unique piece of art.

Murals for any occasion

Regardless of what kind of project you have in mind, our team of graphic design experts can create almost anything for you, for both outdoor and indoor application. Any digital image can be used on your mural panels – photos, original graphic designs, patterns, text and even signage can be integrated into your project.

Personalized murals are a great technique to capture your visitor’s eye. What was once a large and empty surface can be easily converted and integrated into a stylish immersive environment, putting forward your brand image and making a striking impression on passers-by.

All SH Immersive Environments murals can be fabricated using the Alto and Folia processes. Made from durable materials and easy to maintain, our murals will allow you to make the most of your existing surfaces. You can now easily improve your appearance and create a truly immersive environment that will enhance your visitor’s experience.

You can install your mural on your existing surfaces using SH Immersive Environments’ Z-Clip fastening system. This system allows you to use plywood or honeycomb panels in order to decrease the weight of the components attached to your wall. Furthermore, Z-Clip murals are easy to install and every panel can be replaced as needed.

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