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Since 1975, we are committed to offering an entirely customized immersive environment to all your visitors. We can provide you with a personalized decor that will give your business a whole new dimension. Proudly display your colors and welcome your visitors in a breathtaking environment.

Indeed, you can completely revamp your decor by updating your furniture and using it to display and promote your brand image. You can push the integration of your brand even further with a thematic space and our personalized graphic tables.

Infinite Custom Design Possibilities

Our square and round table tops are offered both in our Folia and Alto product lines and can be adapted to your needs. Regardless of the dimensions or the materials, the possibilities are endless. Our in-house graphic design team is at your disposal to assist you in creating stunning visuals according to your specifications.

Everything that can be digitally designed can be featured on a table, and the only limit we have is the one of your imagination! Color selection is impressive, concepts are unlimited and all of our products are manufactured using premium quality materials.

Easy Maintenance

SH graphic tables are easy to maintain – they can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a mild detergent only. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays, graffiti, cigarette burns, alcohol, water, humidity and corrosion, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This allows you to fully customize your decor and extend your visitors’ immersive experience on your terrace!
By choosing to personalize your tables, you can expect to positively influence your visitors’ behaviour – they will feel like they are welcomed on your premises and that they are well taken care of. Welcome them in a truly appealing environment, for a stunning visual experience.

Take the leap and boost your brand image – contact us today for more information on our graphic tables.

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