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You have thought of everything – walls, furniture, decking and more. But what about your building’s facade and curb appeal? There are many ways you can use to embellish and personalize the outside of your building in order to create a stunning immersive environment.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Establish your business presence in your neighbourhood and improve brand visibility at the same time. Whether you decide to use Folia (personalized laminate panels) or Alto (digital powder coating), you will be able to create your very own design or ask our in-house design team to do it for you.

All SH cladding solutions can be attached directly on virtually any surface and can be adapted to different architectural shapes, other cladding and window systems. In other words, you will get to revamp your building without having to pay for extensive renovations.

Alto Standard Metal Profil Cladding

Our graphic metallic profil cladding can be use on various types of surfaces such as concrete, brick or other cladding.

This product is ideal to imitate organic materials – wood and granite for instance –, is very resistant and extremely easy to install. Indeed, it can be attached directly to any existing surface and can be replaced as needed. It is therefore a simple and durable way to create an impressive and appealing facade without the heavy costs or the complex maintenance required by organic materials.

Alto and Folia Curtain Walls

SH curtain walls are available both in our Folia and Alto product lines and offer a great alternative to heavy and costly materials such as granite. It is also the only solid core cladding system available in North America! Our curtain walls allow you to mix different types of finish and materials on the same facade, in order to create the style you are looking for.

All our cladding and panels are easy to maintain and are resistant to ultraviolet rays, graffiti and corrosion, therefore making them the most durable and cost-effective solution to enhance the facade of your building with style!

Want to learn more about our cladding and panels? Contact us today for a quote.

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