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Tailor Made Flooring

There is a lot more to your environment than wall or furniture. Why not boost the impact of your brand image with a customized SH floor? Enhance your immersive environment by adding your colors and your image directly into your floor. Your environment can be designed according to your specifications, from floor to ceiling!

Be creative – our graphic design specialists are waiting for your ideas to work on your personalized flooring. You can expect unlimited customization possibilities, bright colors and exceptional durability.


This type of SH flooring is quick and easy to install or take apart as needed. This system consists of individual and interchangeable modular panels that can be moved to other locations. It is an excellent flooring solution for shows and trade fairs. Indeed, it allows you to bring a part of your identity to every event you are attending!


This type of SH flooring is semi-permanent and consists of individual and interchangeable modular panels. Studio, as its name indicates, is ideal for television studios and is a premium quality solution that is also creative, appealing, durable and easy to maintain.

Dance Floor

This type of SH flooring is ideal for busy areas. It is quick and easy to install or take apart before and after special events. Both sides of the floor panels can be customized, allowing for a more diverse array of uses. The dance floor also consists of individual and interchangeable modular panels, for maximum versatility.

Customizable Flat Ceilings

Venture away from the typical suspended ceilings with SH’s customizable flat ceilings. This application is made up of our Alto graphic aluminum panels and available with a variety of sound-absorbing backings.

Convenience is not lost with SH’s Customizable Flat Ceilings. Panels can be moved in order to access the space behind the ceiling.

SH Graphic Wave Ceilings

If you are looking for something more daring, SH’s wave ceilings are an excellent choice. These metallic panels will give depth and texture to your ceilings while creating an open and airy yet intimate atmosphere. Of course, all panels are modular and individually interchangeable.

If you are ready to transform the atmosphere of your company, choose the color(s) and design and contact us for more information! Contact us today for a quote.

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