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Times are constantly changing, as is the way people make their purchases. One of the challenges that garages face is keeping up with these changes, while still maintaining the fundamental values of un-paralleled quality and customer satisfaction. SH Immersive Environments continually strives to be an invaluable partner to its clientele in creating dynamic visual environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, rendering the customer experience more enjoyable. This will result in higher sales, repeat business and new customers through word of mouth.

Gone are the days when customers would peruse row upon row of tires displayed in the store, mulling over their decision. Nowadays, more and more individuals have a general idea of the direction they are leaning toward, after doing comparative shopping online. These customers will usually want to take one last look at a physical tire before making their final decision. Stores need to progressively reflect this change more and more as time passes; perhaps even one day leading to a store that is 90% virtual, where Customer Service Reps greet clients with a tablet in-hand to peruse the online store while offering insight and recommendations.

In the meantime, one must still cater to their eclectic clientele ranging from the traditional in-store browser, the prepared online comparative shopper and the already-decided connoisseur. The face of the clientele is also changing. People are constantly busy and are always connected, trying to maximize their time. A comfortable, inviting waiting area with a wi-fi station, coffee bar and flat-screen television allow one to make the most of their time, be it to relax and unwind while they wait, or to get that important work presentation submitted by the deadline date. Moreover, men and women now both share the responsibility of vehicle maintenance, so the environment must be equally appealing to members of both sexes.


All of SH Immersive Environments’ showroom components are thoughtfully designed to be practical while always maintaining a harmonious design throughout your automotive showroom. Our proposed showroom components can essentially be broken down into four categories: slatwall, podiums & displays, service counters, and customer comfort.

Slatwall is a traditional, tried-and-true method of displaying product. Product displayed on slatwall will land in a customer’s sight-line immediately upon entering the store and will naturally draw them toward it. Our carefully-studied slat configuration does away with all superfluous grooves, while still offering the flexibility that slatwall is known and appreciated for. Graphic slatwall is a surefire way to add that extra dazzle; particularly since fewer slats mean the image will remain more intact and easily grab one’s attention!

Podiums and free-standing displays, in all of their various designs and configurations, are designed with several purposes in mind. First and foremost, they offer a prestigious platform and better visibility. Having the tires elevated off of the ground allows one to see and touch them in a more ergonomic fashion. It also could mean the difference between whether or not they are visible through a window from outside of the store. Strategically placed podiums and displays can easily create a natural traffic flow throughout the store, while muti-leveled groups of podiums lend themselves very well to highlighting promotions on certain products.

Our service counters, with their striking graphic facades and monolithic design, draw one’s attention immediately to where they need to go for unparalleled customer service. Their welcoming design and practical configuration make them an ideal place for customers and vendors to meet to discuss details, examine options and complete transactions. Classic elements such as menu boards, work order holders and key cabinets contribute greatly to an organized and clutter-free service desk. The cleaner and more organized the service area is, the more clients know that they are being served by meticulous professionals.

And last, but not least: customer comfort.

SH Immersive Environments’ proposed collection of waiting-area furniture offers an inviting, comfortable waiting environment designed to show one’s customers how important and looked-after they really are. Gone are the days of rows of chairs lined up against the wall, reminiscent of hospital waiting rooms. Our dynamic, visually stimulating elements come together perfectly to create an immersive environment where customers can make the most of their wait time however they see fit. Grab a beverage from the coffee bar, browse the internet on the wi-fi station, chat with a friend at a cozy bistro table or even just sit back and take in the stream of product specs and helpful information running on a loop on the wall-mounted flat-screen. The message is clear: “Thank you for stopping in; you won’t have to wait long, but we want you to feel at home while you do”.

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