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Design and Fabrication for the Branded Environment & Durable and Innovative Graphic Solutions

What are immersive environments?

At SH Immersive Environments, we specialize in bringing spaces to life.

Whether it is for a commercial showroom, wayfinding signs, murals, exhibit graphics or company branding, we can design and build what you need. By personalizing the architecture and building a unique environment, the creative opportunities are endless.


Every building, wall, window or door has the potential to be inspirational. Whether it’s a museum, a plumbing showroom or your local garage, every environment has a unique feel or atmosphere. Using custom high pressure laminate and powder coated graphics, we at SH Immersive Environments strive towards helping people express their company’s personality.


With over 40 years of experience in the field of custom graphics, we have pioneered the industry by developing durable and innovative graphic solutions which surpass industry standards. Through our unique products known as Folia (custom high pressure laminates) and Alto (durable powder-coated graphics), building immersive environments has never been easier.


We start each day with an open mind, welcoming new concepts and innovative ideas. We are constantly looking for new challenges and interesting trends while continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible.





A cutting-edge process to build seamless, continuous digital images.

Custom designs are directly embedded into flat or multi-dimensional aluminum surfaces, resistant to UV rays, graffiti and corrosion. The aluminum or steel powder coated project stand out with their reputation for durability and clarity. Ecologically-sustainable and high-quality Alto products offer you unlimited graphic possibilities. LEARN MORE


A custom high-pressure laminate that has revolutionized the outdoor signage industry.

A pioneer in permanent custom graphics, SH Immersive Environments creates eco-friendly custom high pressure laminate signs of exceptional quality. Graphics are designed with precision and clarity, exceeding the industry standards. Sturdy and resilient, Folia is incredibly resistant to scratches and chemicals. LEARN MORE



Whether you are a sports retail store, an antique vendor, a restaurant or a garage, your business is unique and deserves to stand out from the competition. The most effective way to stand out is to create an outstanding ambiance and a unique experience for your visitors. We specialize in immersive environment design in order to help you enhance your brand image and improve your visitors’ shopping experience. With our expertise, we are able to create a showroom that stands out, leaving customers inspired and wanting more. LEARN MORE







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